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There are two areas for hire subject to approval by the Irma Stern Museum Committee for exhibitions of temporary artwork. Costs for these venues are based on a hiring and/or commission basis.

The upstairs gallery consists of approximately 45 running metres of exhibition space in three different adjacent galleries. The small gallery downstairs which measures approximately 10 metres is suitable for works on paper.

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At: Irma Stern Museum
Dates: 21 Mar - 30 Apr 2015
Opening: 21 Mar 2015 @ 11 am
Opening speaker: Ingrid de Kok
Artist walkabout: 18 Apr @ 11 am

Hours of the Day
A solo exhibition of
paintings, drawings and prints
by Cape Town based artist
Gwen van Embden.

Gwen van Embden

Each work in "Hours of the Day" has its correspondence in the artist's encounters with art history. The exhibition transports the viewer through the artist's perception of books and biennales, where imprints remain and are translated and digested through a quotidian practise. Small intimate gestures reflecting chance encounters and correspondences seemingly disparate but held together by a shared affinity, be it stylistic or conceptual.

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At: Irma Stern Museum
Dates: 7 Feb - 21 Feb 2015
Opening: 7 Feb 2015 @ 11 am
Opening speaker:
Her Excellency
Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer,
Ambassador of Austria

An exhibition of Drawings of Artist's Studios
by Austrian artist Linde Waber

Alice Goldin

Linda Waber is a contemporary Austrian artist whose career began in the 1970s after her graduation from the Academy for Visual Arts in Vienna in the mid-1960s.

She has exhibited extensively in Austria and internationally and has had two exhibitions at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, one being a full retrospective in 2010 to mark her 70th birthday and the second, an exhibition of drawings in celebration of her association with Austrian poet Friederike Mayröcker, whose 90th birthday is being celebrated in 2015 in German literary circles. This was accompanied by the publication of a book.

The exhibition at the UCT Irma Stern Museum features her drawings of artists’ studios, a subject, which has intrigued her for some years both in Austria and South Africa.

In 2010 a first visit to South Africa produced a number of these “ Atelierzeichnungen”. These works have been described as, “curious, but never voyeuristic, and with a sharp eye for detail, she captures the character of a room.”

Travel and the celebration of each day of her life through her work has forged many links with people in many countries, no less South Africa. This creative diplomacy forged a friendship with Austrian born South African artist Alice Goldin and resulted in an exhibition of Alice Goldin’s work at the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna in 2012. This association will be re-established with the inclusion of woodblocks by Alice Goldin forming part of the exhibition at the Irma Stern Museum.

The artist’s own studio and home in the neighbourhood of the Augartenpark in Vienna is her base, but she also returns to her countryside roots in Zwettl, Lower Austria, when she is not travelling the world to her many friends and wide family circle. Her tools which are her pencils, inks, paints and brushes travel with her.

Seizing the moment is this artist’s modus operandi!

Sponsorship by the Government of Austria.

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Opening Hours Tuesday - Friday 10h00 - 17h00, Saturday 10h00 - 14h00
Entrance  Adults @ R20 -  Pensioners & Students @ R10
UCT staff and students are free
Gated parking available in Chapel Road for visitors.

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